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First Aid Supplies

Does your home or work place need refills for your first aid kits ?

First Choice Medical Services can restock or supply your first aid kits and refills

From plasters to a defibrillator. This can be a one off or on a Regular basis. No Minimum Order .  

Please get in touch with your requirements. 

Ice packs £1.50 / 3 for £4.00

Burn gel Spray (125ml) £6.00

Burn's Dressings (10 x 10) £3.50

Bandages £1.00

Finger dressings £0.70

Eye Wash Pods £0.80

Pocket Mask £11.50

First Aid Kit ( HSE 10 Person) £25.00

Travel First Aid kit £20.00

Gauze (7.5cm) 5 pk £1.00

Custom Made First Aid Kits £ POA

Box of  Nitrite  gloves £8.00   ( S,M,L,XL)

Pen Light Torch ( reusable )  £5.50

Wound Wipes (10 pk) £2.00  

If you require anything that is not listed above please get in touch

For more information email:

or Tel:  07369200469

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